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Troy Westfall, Police Chief

   Improve and maintain the quality of life within our community by working together to achieve a common goal; "A safe and secure City."

Bicycle safety wherever you are riding - on busy streets, country roads, or bike paths - is a matter of common sense.  Under New York State law, bicyclists are vehicle operators who are entitled to share the roads with motorists.  Cyclists must also obey the same rules of the road as motorists.  Safe bicycling means being predictable, being visible, riding defensively, and using proper equipment, especially a helmet and lights.
    It is important to have a bicycle registered with the Police Department in case it is lost or stolen.  Registration is free.  You must bring your bicycle to the Police Department.  Any Police Officer on duty will assist you in getting your bicycle registered.
    Parents are encouraged to teach their children proper bicycle safety and rules.  Lights and reflectors are required on all bicycles that are operated after the hour of darkness.  Helmets can help to prevent head injuries and all operators are encouraged to wear an approved helmet.  Many parents have a child seat attached to their bicycle.  It is especially important that children riding in a child seat have an approved helmet to help reduce injury in case the bike tips over or is involved in an accident.
    The Salamanca Police Department is dedicated in its desire to promote safe and fun bicycling.  Officers will be watching motorists and cyclist to ensure a safe environment for both.
    You may contact the Salamanca Police Department at 716-945-2330 if you have any questions concerning bicycle safety.

Safety Tips for Children
    1.    Before I go anywhere, I always check with my parents of the person in charge.  I tell them where I am going, how long I will be there, and when I will be back.  I always leave a telephone number where I am going to be.
    2.    I ask permission from my parents or the person in charge before getting into a car or leaving with anyone, even if it is someone I know.  If my plans change, I will let my parents or the person in charge know.
    3.    It is safer for me to be with other people when going places or playing outside.  I will always use the "BUDDY SYSTEM".
    4.    I will always say "NO" if anyone tries to offer me drugs or if they try to touch me.
    5.    I will run away from them as fast as I can, and tell a grown-up what happened.

Crime Prevention Tips
For the Home
Keep your doors and windows locked
Keep your lawn neat and landscape
Leave your front light on at night or install motion sensor lights
Keep garage door closed

Don't use the mailbox in front of your home to mail bills with checks in them.  Theaves are stealing the mail and rewriting the checks.

Do not hide keys in obvious places such as under the mat.  Use your peep-hole before opening the door.

Do not allow visitors such as utility workers in without proper identification.

Lock and secure bicycles when parked, even when in a garage.  Lock up lawn equipment such as lawnmowers.

For the Car
Keep doors locked even when driving
Consider using a deterrent such as an alarm
Do not leave garage door openers on the visor
Do not leave valuables in your car
Park your car in a garage

Have a neighbor pick up your mail and papers
Have someone check your house
Have someone mow your lawn
Have timers on lights and television
Have motion sensors on outside lights
Remove valuables from windows so they will not be seen
Notify police when you're leaving and when you expect to return

225 Wildwood Avenue, Salamanca NY 14779   Phone: 716-945-2330  | Fax: 716-945-6522

Values Statement
Central to our mission are values that guide us in making the "Right" decision and help us to contribute to the quality of life in Salamanca.  In striving to make the "Right" decision we value.

Respect - All persons have the Right to be treated in a fair, dignified, courteous, and equitable manner.  We take an active role in understanding and working within the great diversity of our community.  Further, we identify special needs as related to cultural, ethnic, and socio-economic diversity and respond in an appropriate manner.

Integrity - Common Trust marks the basis of integrity.  We hold ourselves to the highest of moral and ethical conduct.

Goal Oriented - By having clearly defined goals we maintain a forward progression of service to our community.  Goals are the basis for a smooth and focused operation of an organization.  We continue to evaluate and update our goals as they relate to the citizens of the community and the level of service that we provide to them.

- To live honorably, creditably, and virtuously make up the three precepts to a "Justinian" or just life.  It can also be attributed to the way we execute our duties of protection and service.

Teamwork - The central element to a well working organization is teamwork.  We fully embrace the building of partnership within our community and among ourselves.  We understand that working together as a team the quality of life in Salamanca can be improved and maintained.